Do you need a depression specialized therapist, a coach to help you in your career or a nutritionist to keep you healthy and fit? Atlas gives you access to a network of over 80 specialists in various domains.

Simple, secure and with a friendly billing system. And the best part… it’s free.


It’s common knowledge that many of us face a series of issues and hurdles when trying to use a service. We’re sure you’ve been in at least one of these situations

<h5>The real cost of an offline service is 35% higher</h5>

The real cost of an offline service is 35% higher

When you consider the cost of having to take a cab/Uber to your meeting, wasting at least 1 hour on the way the bill starts going up. We believe you don’t need to worry about more expenses and that your time is better spent together with your loved ones.

<h5>1/3 appointments get canceled on a rainy day</h5>

1/3 appointments get canceled on a rainy day

We all know the traffic is grounded to a halt on a rainy day. Everything stops and statistics show us that 33% of all medical appointments are canceled on a rainy day.

<h5>You are limited to local specialists</h5>

You are limited to local specialists

Right now you are limited to only the specialists in your local area. How can you reach the right specialist if he is in another country or city?

<h5>Finding your hero is harder than you think</h5>

Finding your hero is harder than you think

The perfect specialist is not just the person holding the information, it’s the person you feel most comfortable with talking and relating.


All the challenges you have faced until now are fixed. Find out more details below


On Atlas there is no additional cost and you pay only the meeting

Find the right specialist for you

You can browse through all the specialists in on single spot

Quick and easy evaluation of the service

The “first meeting free” options allows you to better get to know the specialist and test the match.

Not satisfied, get your money back

Atlas offers the “money back guarantee” option and if the meeting wasn’t helpful, you get the meeting cost back.

The solution: Atlas

  • Sign-up

    It takes just 30 seconds to sign up and a couple of minutes to fill in your details

  • Search specialist

    You can use our complex filters to find exactly what you are looking for

  • Secure payment

    Atlas uses the most popular and safe online payment gateway: Netopia MobilPay

  • Online session

    Atlas offers the same degree of confidentiality as an offline session and the platform was built according to the HIPPA protocol.

  • Start session

    You can take notes, share files, access previous meetings records and easily plan your next session.

What our users say

ALIN C. | Web-designer

I’ve battled anxiety since I can remember and never imagined I would be able to get it under control very soon. My friends insisted I should give therapy a chance and I’m glad I listened. The experience was exactly what I needed and the online sessions meant I could enjoy faster results.


NADIA GORDUZA | Terapeut si specialist Atlas


The is no difference between offline and online, because the sessions have the same structure. The only thing they would get extra at my practice is a cup of green tea. It’s still me he sees and hears, we follow the same therapeutic protocols so there are no disadvantages.


VICTOR H. | student


I realized I’m the only one setting the limits and I got a taste of how it feels to overcome them. Coaching was a valuable experience and being able to have the sessions online was a real advantage. It’s a real alternative, especially for those with precious time.


They trust us

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